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Calculus for Management  


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This is the course homepage for both daytime and evening sections of OPMT 5701. This course Introduces calculus to business students. Topics reviewed are matrix algebra, differentiation and applications of calculus to business problems. The focus will be on applications such as profit maximization, cost minimizations, multi-product pricing and joint cost functions. Students will learn to set up such problems with and without constraints. All topics in differentiation up to optimization with inequality constraints (Kuhn-Tucker conditions) and the envelope theorem.


This course requires students to use to computer software tools. The first isMyMathLab, an online tutorial and assigment package. Instructions are found on the RESOURCES tab. In addition, the mathematical modelling and problem software called Maple as well as the testing package Maple TA. Information is found on the MAPLE tab.


This course is part of the full-time and Part-time options of the Bachelor of Business Administration program at BCIT.



Kevin Wainwright (Part-time, online)


Lesie Major (full-time program)


Sonia Dhaliwal (Lab Assistant/TA)


Summer School