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Kevin Wainwright


Barrow 5th Ed Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies



Barrow Chapter Slides Example videos Using Excel Videos Additional Materials

The following links are the Lecture Slides that accompany Barrow and are for the ONLINE version of OPMT 5751


The following links are to a series of short video lectures I found useful in understanding key concepts covered in the textbook and homework






Forecasting with multiple regression in Excel

This 3 part lesson uses moving average and deseasonalizes data to run a forecast.




  1. Adding Stat Pro to Excel
  2. Simple Random Sampling
  3. Sampling Histograms and Averages of Simple Random Samples
  4. Proportional Stratified Sampling
  5. Scatterplots
  6. Correlation Matrices
  7. Simple Regression with Excel
  8. Multiple Regression using Excel
  9. Interpreting Multiple Regression in Excel
  10. Regression
  11. Creating Dummy Variables in Excel (No StatPro)
  12. Multiple Regression with Dummies
  13. Autocorrelations
  14. Autoregression
  15. Deseasonalizing


MyMathLab Videos

Question 4 Correlation and Regression II

 & formula sheet for question 4


Statpro Addin for Excel

(Right Click and choose "Save Target as..." to save file)

Statistics Manual (Faculty Notes)

Part I Descriptive Statistics

Part II Sampling and Regression

Advanced Topics

Introduction to Panel Data (Lecture)

Panel Data Models (Lecture)