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Decision Analysis (Math Models for Business)  
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This page contains files and downloads for the final exam being written on campus in the BCIT Computer Lab



  • The exam will be written on the computer using MyMathLab (MyStatsLab) at BCIT
  • You are allowed to bring a calculator and your formula sheet: No other notes or books
  • You will be given exam booklets to do your rough work but all answers are entered into MyMathLab
  • Any data files you create in excel should be saved in the format:  Name_Question_Number.xlsx. It is recommended that you email me your files when done. It is NOT required.
  • Exam is 2 hours






PHStat - this is the excel add-in for PHStat. You are to download and install it on the computer you are using to write the exam.

Click the link and SAVE it in the "WORK" folder.

Open work folder and double click on the file PHStat.xlam. This will launch excel and install the add-n


Installing PH Stat in a BCIT Computer Lab - Read this file carefully before installing PHStat in the computer lab


Formula Sheet. You are to print this page before the exam and bring it with you.

You are ALLOWED to write on the sheet and add as much information as you wish (Both Sides)

You are NOT to bring additional pages


Excel Function Examples. This is a PDF that contains screen shots from the text book on using excel functions to solve common problems.

You are allowed to view this file during the exam


Distribution Tables (Z,t, F, Chi-Square)


Pearson Table of critical values for Correlation


TEXTBOOK (Online Sections) 


  • Statistics for Managers using Microsoft Excel 7th ed by Levine, Stephan, Szabat (winter 2017)

  • Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies, 5th or 6th ed by Michael Barrow (fall 2016 and earlier)