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Managerial Economics  


Welcome to Managerial Economics
This is the homepage for Econ 8500 - Managerial Economics, taught to students in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program at BCIT

Course Description

Examines the use of economics, decision theory and business problems. Uses models and case studies as tools to asist managers facing various problems. The course will consider how the internal and external operating environment impacts a manager's resource allocation decisions.


Acceptance into the Bachelor of Business Administration program, plus OPMT 7701.

Credits 5.0

Microeconomics with Calculus by Perloff

and MyEconLab account (required)

ECON 301 (SFU)

This website contains lecture notes for various faculty that teach managerial economics for daytime, evening and online sections. All sections use the Perloff textbook (Calculus version)


On the video lessons page, students will find a series of short clips that review key concepts or answer particularly challenging problems.


On the study questions page, the student will find a series of problems grouped by topic. These include multiple choice, true/false explain and longer problems