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Ch. 1: Introduction

Math Review


"What Economists Do?" (Lucas)

Ch. 2: Supply and Demand  




Ch. 3: Constrained Choice


Preferences  Constraints


U-Max with Lagrange

Ch. 4: Demand  

More on Demand


  Hicks vs Marshall

Ch. 5: Consumer Welfare and Policy  



CV and EV

Ch. 6: Firms and Production  

Production and Costs



Ch. 7 Costs  

Cost Curves


Ch. 10: General Equilibrium and Welfare

Ch. 8: Competitive Firms and Markets  

Competition I


Ch. 16: Uncertainty

Ch. 9: Applications of the Competitive Model  

Competition II


Ch. 17: Externalities, Open Access, Public Goods

Ch. 11: Monopoly  

Monopoly I


Ch. 18: Asymmetric Information

Ch. 12: Pricing and Advertising


Ch. 19: Contracts and Moral Hazards

Ch. 13: Game Theory

Ch. 14: Oligopoly  Cournot Lecture