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Calculus for Management  
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Videos on fractions, linear equations, quadratic equation, exponents, natural logarithms and e
Matrix Algebra  
Multiplying Matrices Lecture 3x3 times 3x3 example
Determinants: 2x2 case Lecture  
Minors and Cofactors Lecture  
Determinants: 3x3 case (Laplace Expansion) Lecture  
Solving 2 equations with Matrix Inversion Lecture  
Derivative Basics Lectures  
Notation & Definition Lecture  
The Constant Rule Lecture  

The Power Function Rule

The Sum-Difference Rule Lecture  

The Product Rule

The Quotient Rule Lecture  
The Chain Rule 1 Lecture   
The Chain Rule 2 (alternative method) Lecture  
Applications of derivative rules Lectures  
Higher Derivatives Lecture  
Concavity Lecture  
One Variable Optimization Lecture

2 mkt Monopoly with NO Price discrimination (from MyMathLab)

Profit Max withcubic costs

Cobb-Douglas and SR Cost curves

Natural Logarithm and and the Number e Lecture

Example: solving TR = Ae-at

Product and Quotient Rules with ef(x)

Multivariable Calculus Lectures Multivariable Optimization Examples
Partial Derivatives 1: linear and cobb-douglas Lecture Application: Marginal Products of K and L from the Production Function (Cobb-Douglas)
Partial Derivatives 2: 2nd partials and cross partials Lecture  
Implicit Function Theorem & the MRS, MRTS Lecture  
Unconstrained Optimization Lecture

2 Markets  

Profit Max with K and L


2 variable Cubic function

Profit Max from MathLab: Choosing P and A

Optimization with Constraints Lectures  
Substitution method of 2 variable maximization Lecture Examples from MyMathLab
MRTS and Cost Min in Production Lecture Utility Max by Substitution (the MRS)
Intro to Lagrange Multiplier Method Lecture Examples of Lagrange (utility and Costs)
Cost Min and Production with Lagrange Lecture 3 Variable Lagrange (HW 10 Q5)
Application: The Gains from Trade (2 Lagrange steps) Lecture Expected Utility and Insurance
Inequality Constraints (Kuhn-Tucker) Lecture PPF and Enviro Constraint
Statistics and Econometrics    
Multiple Regression using Excel    

Worksheet: (Q4);

Worksheet: Q6;