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Homework 1  (Algebra Review)
Homework 2   (Lines and Quadratics)
Homework 3   (first 4 derivative rules)
Homework 4   (chain rule)
Homework 5   (More Chain rule with Notes)
Homework 6   (One variable optimization)
Homework 6b (natural log and e)
Homework 7   (Partial Derivatives)
Homework 8   (differentials & Implicit Diff)
Homework 9   (multivariable optimization)
Homework 10  (Constrained optimization: the Lagrange Method)
Homework 10b (applications of Lagrange)
Homwork 11    Inequaility Constraints (Kuhn-Tucker) 
Homework 12  (Matrix Algebra)
Homework 13  (Inverses and Cramer's Rule)

Answer Keys

Homework 1
Homework 2
Homework 3 & alternative Key
Homework 4 Updated
Homework 5
Homework 6 Updated
Homework 6b
Homework 7
Homework 8
Homework 9
Homework 10
Homework 10b
Homework 11
Homework 12
Homework 13

Midterm Study Questions (part time option)

Mdterm study question Answer Key (part time option) - Password Protected

Final Exam study Questions with answers (Protected) posted Fall 2017



Review Class Assignment

(Pre-Calculus Review)

Answers to Review Class Assig 

additional Pre-Calculus Problem set with KEY

In class Assignment (Matrix Inversion- additional problems)

Answers for Matrix Inversion. Question 5 of this handout is quite challenging.

For a detailed answer, click here

Calculus Study Questions:

  1. Derivatives: rules 1 to 3 (constant, power, sum/difference) study questions
  2. Derivatives: rules 4a and 4b (product/quotient) study questions  Selected answers to rules 4a and 4b
  3. Derivatives: rule 5 (chain rule) study questions.  Answers of odd numbered questions Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
  4. More Chain rule along with Natural Log (lnx) and exponential (e) Study Questions
  5. Partials and Implicit Partial derivatives Study Questions
  6. 2 Variable Optimization Study Questions
  7. Lagrange Method Study Questions