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The information on this page is also available in D2L (http://learn.bcit.ca)


Ian Jacques Mathematics for ECONOMICS and BUSINESS 7th, 8th or 9th Edition, Prentice-Hall, Inc. It is recommended to buy the E-Text version when purchasing the access code. This is the least cost option. Old versions in hard copy are on reserve in BCIT Library

This is an online course delivered through Pearson's MyMathLab - Global Version CLICK HERE to download and view Step-by-Step Instructions for registering in MyMathLab and accessing the course. Students registered for summer 2016 will also need the access code:

Course Access Code for SUMMER 2016 section (July-August)

Video demo on How to Register in MyMathLab

(Note: this video uses OPMT 5515 as the example course, but steps are identical for all courses)

Go to http://www.mymathlab.com/global


Homework: 60%    
Final Exam 40%   Students will be given a choice of two dates to write final. One date will be a weeknight and the other will be a Saturday. Will be in the week of August 22

Course Work:

Students are to complete SIX assignments online and write the final exam on campus (date TBA)

  • HW 1 Intro to Algebra and Graphs    
  • HW 2: Algebraic Solutions and Applications             
  • HW 3: Quadratic Functions and Applications
  • HW 4: Exponants (indices) and Logarithms  
  • HW 5: Finance
  • HW 6: Intro to Matrix Algebra
  • Final Exam

These assignments are available online in MyMathLab only.

Video Lectures

THe video lectures page is a collection of topic based lectures and examples that cover: working with fractions and exponents, linear equations, quadratic equations and the Quadratic Formula, Natural Logarithms and the number e .This page is updated regularly as new  videos become available. Students are encouraged to also explore what  is available on YouTube as math instructors across the world are active in producing video lessons and  sharing  them. CLICK HERE to access video page

CHAPTER AND SECTION READINGS: Jacques 8th or 9th Edition





Ch 1 Linear Equations (part one)

1.1, 1,2, 1.3


Ch 1 Linear Equations (part two)

1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7


Ch 2 Non-Linear Equations (part one)

2.1, 2.2


Ch 2 Non-Linear Equations (part two)

2,3, 2.4


Ch 3 Mathematics of Finance

3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4


Ch 7 Matrices

7.1 only


MyMathlab Online tutorial and Assignment website

Video on How to Register in MyMathLab

(Note: this video uses OPMT 5515 as the exaple course)

Tips for using MathLab on a MAC

Video: Installing the LockDown Browser APP for Online Exams



  • This course uses MyMathLab as part of the the Labs and assignments.

  • It is REQUIRED for OPMT 5700

  • Once registered, your account stays active for 1 year. This allows you to go back and review materials used in classes next semester


All Students must have a MyMathLab personal login code: one comes with the text book or can be purchased online from publisher



Once you have your personal code, you will need to follow a TWO-STEP process:

[1] Log on and create your personal id.

[2] Log onto and register IN your OPMT 5700 Section). There is a CODE for each section (see above)

A few tips to get the maximum benefits of the software system

a) set up the study session and review the tools and options

b) Spell your name correctly... First and Last..

Example from Math XL Calculus (Jacques 6th edition)

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