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Management Policy  



This is the homepage for Management Policy taught to Business Management, Human Resource Management, and Business Information Technology Management diploma and post-diploma students

Course Description

Analyses business strategy formulation to give the student practical experience and confidence in handling complex business situations. Comprehensive business cases will be selected in fields such as finance, control, personnel, production, marketing, and general management. Acquaints the student with management decision-making and effective verbal and written business analysis. Teamwork and organizational change are addressed as elements of strategy implementation.



Bob Delorme bob_delorme@bcit.ca

   SE6 323

Kevin Wainwright kevin@bcitsitecentre.ca

   SE16 110 or SE6 317\

Steve Yallouz  steve_yallouz@bcit.ca

   SE6 317


Prentice Hall Custom Business Resources by K.Wainwright.

Crossan, Fry, Killing. Stratetic Analysis and Action. ( 8th edition or higher) Prentice Hall.